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A Partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools, the Archdiocese of Louisville and other private schools

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What is a Student Power Plus Card?

The Student Power Plus Card is a multi-use card distributed to Jefferson County Public School, Archdiocese and private school students.

How will students receive a Student Power Plus Card?

Student Power Plus cards will be sent to schools that choose to participate. School staff will distribute them to students..

What can your child do with a Student Power Plus Card at the library?

With their Student Power Plus Cards, your child can enjoy all of the privileges of a LFPL library member. They can visit the library and check out materials or access the library's website through the Internet to visit special Web pages for kids and teens. Here are a few things your child can do.

What if my child's Student Power Plus Card is lost?

Contact library staff if your child loses their Student Power Plus card . A new card will be mailed to you.

Will the Student Power Plus Card still work after my child graduates from high school?

After your child graduates, they can continue to use their Student Power Plus Card as a Louisville Free Public Library card.

What if my child already has an LFPL library card?

Have your child use their new Power Plus Card. Information from their older library card account will be transfered to their Student Power Plus Card account.

What is the date on the back of the Student Power Plus Card?

It is your child's expected graduation date.

Are these Student Student Power Plus Cards secure?

Yes, Student Power Plus Cards are secure. Like always, patron's library card records are private and confidential. The information we have (address, phone number, birth date, materials checked out) is still private and confidential. All parties involved, the Library, JCPS, Polaris, and the card manufacturer understand privacy issues.

This card will have the same security as our current cards do. JCPS will not be able to use our barcode to access library card information, as we will not be able to use the JCPS student ID to generate any student's school records. Any statistical information generated about library use will be from groups, not individuals. For example, the library may run a report showing which school had the highest number of LFPL materials checked out.

Who are the Student Power Plus Card sponsors?

Student Power Plus Card sponsors include the Louisville Free Public Library, Jefferson County Public Schools, The Louisville Free Public Library Foundation and the Archdiocese of Louisville.

How can I sign my child up for one of these special cards?

Contact the principal at your school regarding partnering with the library for the Student Power Plus Card Program. For more details, contact Kate Schiavi at (502) 574-1620.

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Last Updated: 06/09/22