Suggest a Purchase

Suggest a Purchase

The Library welcomes your suggestions and gives them serious consideration.
Library customers may recommend items for purchase by using the link at the bottom of this page.  You will be asked to provide your library barcode/username and password. 

Who may suggest a purchase?

LFPL library cardholders may submit up to three suggested published titles each month.

How do I suggest a purchase?

First, check the LFPL catalog to see if we own the title you are suggesting. If so, you may place a reserve on the item from the online catalog.

If we do not own the title you want, you may submit a request to purchase the item. Requests can be made by telephone - 574-1611, in-person at any LFPL location, or online by clicking the "Suggest A Purchase" button below.  You will be asked to log in to your library account.

eBook and eAudiobook suggestions can be made by using the “Recommend” feature on OverDrive. Click here to learn how to recommend titles to your library.

What kinds of purchases may I suggest?

Any format - book, DVD, large type, audio book, or eBook* - may be suggested.  All suggestions must have been published within the last FIVE years.  Titles not yet published will not be considered.  (Note: many publishers, both large and small, do not sell eBooks to libraries, and others do not have contracts with the providing vendor)

How does the library decide whether or not to purchase suggested titles?

Suggested purchases are evaluated based on reviews, author and/or publisher reputation, and collection needs. Space and budget constraints may also be factors.

How will I know if my suggestions will be purchased?

Staff is unable to notify you about a decision due to the volume of suggestions received. Please check the LFPL catalog or your reserve list in three to six weeks.

I am an author/publisher and would like to add a book to your collection.

Please click here for submission guidelines for authors or publishers.


Suggest a Purchase


Last Updated: 10/07/2020