Preschool Summer Reading Early Learning Skills

To help your child on their path to being readers the following 5 skills are important to practice!

TALKING: Children learn language by listening to their parents and others talk to them. As children hear spoken language, they learn new words and they learn about the world around them. Very young children can understand spoken words long before they can speak them.

SINGING: Songs are a magical way to learn about language. Singing slows down language so children can hear the different sounds in words. Singing also helps develop listening and memory skills. One of the best things about singing with your child is bonding over a fun time together!

READING: Reading together is the single most important way to help your children get ready to read. Reading together increases vocabulary, understanding and general knowledge. Children who enjoy being read to develop a love for books and are motivated to learn to read. Reading provides experience with unusual or “rare” words that they may not hear in daily conversation.

WRITING: Reading and writing go together. Both represent spoken language and communicate information. Scribbling and drawing are the beginning forms of writing, they help children learn fine motor skills they will need to hold a pencil.

PLAYING: Play is one of the first ways young children learn about how the world works and learn language. Play is how children practice grown up things such as grocery shopping or building houses. Play also helps children express themselves and put thoughts into words.




Sing the ABC

Act out a story
or rhyme.

Do a finger rhyme* to work on fine motor skills!

Sing Row, row, row your boat.

Pretend to be an ocean creature!

Use playdough** to make letters.

Sing a song from your childhood.

Turn on music and have a dance party!

Practice with a crayon - write a grocery list!

Check out a music CD from the library to listen to.

Go outside and jump like a frog!

Cut out a fish shape - practice with scissors.

Attend a program at the library.

Attend a program at the library.

Attend a program at the library.



Look for letters when you are out and about.

Take a walk and talk about the colors you see.

Read a non-fiction book.

Let your child tell you a story.

Read a fairytale.

Tell a story about your childhood.

Practice turning pages of a book!

Pretend you are talking on the phone together.

Attend a program at the library.

Attend a program at the library.


*Want some ideas for different finger rhymes? Watch our children's staff perform some of their favorites.

**Don't have playdough? Make your own. Click here to see how.

Last Updated: 6/12/15