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My Best Friend's Baby - Stories of Teenage Pregnancy

Do you know anyone who became pregnant while being in high school? These stories tell of the stuggles that teens endure when their lives change dramatically and they are forced to "grow up too soon."

Book Cover Detour for Emmy
By Reynolds, Marilyn
1993/05 - Morning Glory Press (CA)
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A selection of ALA Best Books for Young Adults, this novel tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who must face the consequences of becoming pregnant. ...More

Book Cover Saving Grace
By Ryan, Darlene
2006/10 - Orca Book Publishers
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Evie was pregnant and forced to give up the baby. But she can't just leave the child with strangers, especially when she thinks the baby is being neglected. With her boyfriend Justin waiting in the truck, Evie snatches the baby and convinces Justin to drive her to Montreal, where she plans to start a new life with her child. When the baby won't eat and she and Justin argue, she ends up alone in a small-town. As the baby gets sicker, Evie must decide whether to admit her mistake and turn herself in, or keep running. ...More

Book Cover Perfect Family
By Oughton, Jerrie
2000/04 - Houghton Mifflin Company
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Welcome Marie O'Neal is finally starting to enjoy her 15th year and can't wait to turn 16. She meets Nicholas Canton and, though her parents don't approve, the two start dating. Soon Welcome is head over heels in love and she can't believe it won't last forever. But the romance ends with the summer and when things fall apart, Welcome finds herself confused, heartbroken, trouble. There aren't many people Welcome can turn to for help or advice in her small Southern town in 1955, especially not in her "perfect" family. The decisions Welcome has to make will change her life forever. ...More

The Dear One
By Woodson, Jacqueline
1991/08 - Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
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Dear Nobody
By Doherty, Berlie
1992/09 - Orchard Books (NY)
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Helen and Chris are in their last year at school when Helen discovers that she is pregnant. Faced suddenly with the frightening possibilities of parenthood, they each try in their own way to understand their own parents. For Helen and Chris, the hardest thing to face is the unknown landscape of their future, together or apart. ...More

Book Cover One Night
By Wild, Margaret
2004/05 - Alfred A. Knopf
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Filled with love, fear, and the tough choices born of casual acts, "One Night" is a passionate and compellingly readable novel about teen life, the hardships of parenthood--and the joy and forgiveness between family and friends. ...More

Book Cover Briana's Gift
By McDaniel, Lurlene
2006/10 - Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
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Casey's mother always said that Casey's 16-year-old sister marched to the beat of a different drummer, but it isn't until Briana runs away with an older boy that Casey begins to understand what her mother meant. When pregnant Briana is in a serious accident, Casey helps her mother to accept Briana's gift. ...More

Book Cover November Blues
By Draper, Sharon Mills
2007/10 - Atheneum Books
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This stunning sequel to the Coretta Scott King Honor Book "The Battle of Jericho" has energy, pathos, and drama, and doesnt shrink from telling kids what its like to be 16 and pregnant. ...More

Book Cover The First Part Last
By Johnson, Angela
2003/06 - Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
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Runner Up - 2006 VSBA 7-12
Winner - 2004 Michael L. Printz Award
Winner - 2004 Coretta Scott King Award

With powerful language and keen insight, Johnson tells the story of a teen father's struggle to figure out what "the right thing" is and then to do it. ...More

Book Cover Too Soon for Jeff
By Reynolds, Marilyn
1994/08 - Morning Glory Press (CA)
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High school senior Jeff Browning is upset when he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant and determined not to let a baby ruin his plans to go to college on a debate scholarship, but his feelings change after the baby is born. ...More

Book Cover Hanging on to Max
By Bechard, Margaret
2002/05 - Roaring Brook Press
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CCBC Choices - 2003

Sam's girlfriend is pregnant -- but Sam is keeping the baby. Sam should be planning for college and trying out for the football team with his best friend, Andy. Instead he's up to his ears in diapers and formula, caring for his baby son, Max. Will Sam now have to make a gut-wrenching decision about Max's future -- and his own? A poignant and humorous look at an old problem . . . with a new twist. ...More

Book Cover Slam
By Hornby, Nick
2007/10 - Putnam Publishing Group
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Nick Hornby, bestselling author of High Fidelity and About a Boy, delivers his first novel for young adults--a wonderfully witty, poignant story about a teenage boy unwittingly thrust into fatherhood. ...More

Book Cover How to Deal
By Dessen, Sarah
2003/06 - Speak
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Based on two of Sara Dessen's bestselling novels, "How to Deal" is a new feature film from New Line Cinema starring Mandy Moore. This is a two-in-one edition with the complete text from both novels--"That Summer" and "Someone Like You, " plus a movie tie in cover. ...More

Book Cover That Was Then...
By Carlson, Melody
2006/05 - Multnomah Publishers
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It's Kim's senior year and, instead of anticipating graduation, she can barely make it through the day. A friend is pregnant, a cousin is in trouble, and her birth mom is suddenly on the scene. ...More

Book Cover

Harley's Ninth
By Bauer, Cat
2007/02 - Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
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In this companion to the acclaimed "Harley, Like a Person," 16-year-old Harley Columba knows that October 9th won't be an ordinary day. It promises to be a monumental day as Harley reexamines herself as an artist, a girlfriend, a daughter, and a person. ...More

Book Cover Doormat
By McWilliams, Kelly
2004/09 - Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers
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Fifteen-year-old McWilliams makes her debut with this inspiring story about friends, choices, and learning how to shine. Fourteen-year-old Jaime is used to her best friend, Melissa, being the center of attention. When Melissa thinks she's pregnant, she wants Jaime's help. But Jaime refuses to be the same old reliable doormat.