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If you see a database icon, that means the source is a library database, and to use it from home, you'll need your library card and password.


  • Novelistdatabase icon - What to read another book like Twilight? This database offers suggestions of book similar the one you just read and loved.
  • Consumer Search - want to know what’s the best shampoo to buy? Shopping for a new mp3 player? Check out the reviews of products at this database.
  • - Where’s the cheapest gasoline in town? Which cars have the best gas mileage? Find out at this website.
  • LibriVox - Listen now! You can listen to many books and poems that are in the public domain either at the library or at home. You may even become a reader and post your own audio reading of a poem/book.
  • Kelley Blue Book - Just how much is that 1999 Ford Taurus that you want to buy is worth? Check out this database to make sure you are getting a great deal on your first car.
  • NADA Price Guide - Another great database to check the value of new and used vehicles.

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