Op-eds on Tour: How to submit a guest column to the Courier Journal

Bonnie Jean Feldkamp

Ever wonder how the Courier Journal chooses which letters to the editor, guest columns, and op-eds get published? Ever wanted to be an opinion contributor but weren’t sure where to start?

Join Bonnie Jean Feldkamp, the Courier Journal’s new opinion editor, as she shows you how to submit a guest column or op-ed for consideration in the opinion section of the Courier Journal.

Bonnie will walk you through what she’s looking for and give you a behind-the-scenes understanding of the purpose and vision of the Courier Journal’s Forum page.

Op-eds on Tour is coming to a branch near you in 2022. The free, one-hour workshop begins at 10:15 a.m. (except Portland), at the following library locations:

Tour Schedule

Registration opens March 15 Registration opens June 15 Registration opens September 15

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Space for these classes is limited.



Last Updated: 10/12/22