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Treehouse is an online, self-paced learning platform that teaches you how to design and develop websites or mobile apps. Classes include coding languages like HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby and much more as well as iPhone and Android apps.

Learning with Treehouse is project-based, so you learn by doing with access to over 1300 videos. Projects are taught through a combination of short videos, code challenges, and quizzes to maximize engagement. You keep track of your accomplishments through gamification - earning badges to mark your progress.

How to access

Treehouse is free with your library card, but if demand exceeds the available number of allotted Treehouse licenses, LFPL will implement a check-out policy similar to checking out a book. Please note: Treehouse accounts that have no activity for 21 days may be disabled to make room for a new active user .


Last Updated: 3/24/20