COLLIDER artist-in-residence program

COLLIDER, the South Central Regional Library’s artist-in-residence program, connects the public with art and the people who create it. Special studio space within the Library allows artists to create on-site. Patrons are encouraged to drop in, interact, and learn about different artistic processes, and participate in special workshops for the public.

Generous funding from Councilwoman Madonna Flood makes the COLLIDER Artist-In-Residence program possible.

Our 2018 COLLIDER artists are:

February 2018: Dixie Chaco, Afro-Caribbean Dance

Dixie Cacho - February 2018
Afro-Caribbean Dance

"Dance for me is a powerful means to express, celebrate, and transform human experience. As a Belizean dancer and choreographer, the landscape of my dance experience is richly diverse, from Afro-caribbean to Folk dance, to Modern and Contemporary, allowing an endearing dance form which is vibrant and energetic."

Check out Dixie's public COLLIDER workshops here.

March 2018: Minda Honey, Nonfiction Writer

Minda Honey - March 2018
Nonfiction Writer

Minda Honey received a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside. She continues to lead creative writing workshops and craft discussions in the community as the founder of Write Louisville. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Washington Post, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, Billford, Longreads, Gawker, and Success. She is a columnist and regular contributor for San Diego CityBeat, LEO, The Establishment, Thrillist Louisville, and the Voice-Tribune.

Minda’s COLLIDER workshops for patrons will focus on telling your own stories through memoir and include “Kitchen Table Time Machine” and “Write Your Louisville.”

April 2018 Jeremy Brown, Visual Artist

Jeremy Brown - April 2018
Visual Artist

Jeremy Brown is a recent graduate of UofL’s Fine Arts program. As a visual artist, Jeremy’s favorite medium is drawing—using graphite, markers, pens, paints, and various other materials to create his art. His interest in everyday objects, pop culture, cars, and various other sources provide inspiration for his work. He draws in both realistic and cartoonish styles.

Jeremy will offer a number of Introduction to Drawing workshops.

May 2018 John King, glass artist

John King - May 2018
Glass Artist

John King is the son of glassmakers. His mother specialized in plate and auto glass manufacturing and his father was a glass artist specializing in stained glass and sculpture. John himself has been working in glass most of his life, learning traditional styles and new techniques from a young age. Since his studies at UofL, Columbia College in Chicago, and Berea, King’s work has been shown in many contemporary art galleries, and he has been invited as artist-in-residence programs through prestigious institutions such as the Guggenheim and Bernheim Arboretum. His work was featured in Cindy Ann Coldiron's Sculpture And Design With Recycled Glass. He is currently an independent art director, working in film, interior and exterior design, and sculpture. His music label, Louisville is For Lovers, has been releasing Louisville-made music for nearly 20 years.

John’s work blends glass and photography and he developed a new method of using etched glass to project images on the areas around the sculptures. The majority of his current work is with recycled and re-used glass. John’s COLLIDER workshops will include current cold glass techniques and the history of glass works.

June 2018 Mark McGee, Leather Craftsman

Mark McGee - June 2018
Leather Craftsman

Mark S. McGee cites his artistic family as a strong influence on his work as a leather craftsman. He choose to leave his corporate job to pursue leather crafting fulltime and is happy that his decision has led to his work being shown in galleries and boutiques in Louisville. His work consists mainly of leather creations as well as assorted mixed media art using upcycled materials. See examples of his work here.

Mark will teach introductory leather workshops for children and adults during his COLLIDER workshops.

July 2018 Randy Gray, Cartoonist

Randy Gray - July 2018

Randy Gray II began his career at a young age copying the cartoons he would see on tv and in the newspaper. He is a graduate of duPont Manual High School's Visual Art program and the University of Kentucky. His work includes My Quest for Cool, and Lil Dude. His comic book Lil Dude and Rooney Explore Black History was put into circulation at the JCPS library. Randy has extensive experience leading cartooning comic book creation workshops for summer camps and schools. He draws every day, illustrating children's books and creating caricatures.

Randy will teach cartooning workshops for children and teens during his tenure at the COLLIDER.

August 2018 Aaron Rosenblum, Sound Artist

Aaron Rosenblum - August 2018
Sound Artist

Aaron Rosenblum uses sound art to connect people with their environments through active listening, field recording, and reflection upon the soundscape. He uses field recording as both a means of gathering the raw acoustic materials for his works and as a way of engaging local communities in the process of creating collaborative art. He holds a Bachelor of Art in experimental music from Hampshire College and a Master of Library and Information Studies from McGill University. Recent works have been displayed or broadcast at Spalding University; Cities and Memory; KMAC; BernheimCONNECT; Incubate Radio at the Incubate Festival; at ECOS; WFMU; and CKUT. From 2013 to 2017, he produced Radio Presque Rien, a weekly radio program exploring field recording and soundscapes in sound art, ethnography, and the natural sciences, on WXOX 97.1FM/ARTxFM Louisville. He is the co-curator of SONICBernheim and an Associate Curator of Special Collections at the Filson Historical Society, where he curated Understanding the Indescribable: Paintings by G. Caliman Coxe.

Aaron will lead participants on soundwalks and work with found sounds to create collaborative art.

September 2018 Zed Saeed, Photographer

Zed Saeed - September 2018

Zed Saeed is an art and documentary photographer who works with large-format film and digital cameras. His photography often focuses on West Louisville and his current projects have centered on the recent refugees and immigrants that have settled in Kentucky. With his photographs Saeed attempts to represent the underrepresented, and believes strongly in the power of photography to create connections and to alter perceptions about people, places, and things. His photographs have been featured in Louisville magazine and shown at local galleries. He is a grant recipient for his photographic work from the Kentucky Documentary Photographic Project and the Kentucky Arts Council. Saeed has also taught photography for many years around the country. He is currently a Masters student at the Hite Art Institute at UofL.

Zed will teach COLLIDER workshops on portrait photography techniques.

October 2018 Melinda Beck, Actor

Melinda Beck - October 2018

Melinda Beck is a Teaching Artist & Interpreter at the Frazier History Museum. She has worked on staff in various capacities with Commonwealth Theatre Center, Kentucky Shakespeare, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and Seattle Shakespeare Company. Recent commercial work includes Bluegrass Cellular and Kentucky Lottery. She has participated in Walden Alumni Company where she devised Camerado, I Give You My Hand, using Walt Whitman’s poetry in a performative 3-actor workshop ensemble production. She has also written and performed her solo show, Agatha, as part of the Slant Culture Theatre Festival, and Single Shots: A Two-Night Festival of Solo Theatre. She holds a BFA in Theater with an emphasis in Original Works from Cornish College of the Arts.

Melinda will be writing her own one-woman show with ideas from contributing participants and leading acting workshops in the COLLIDER in October.

November 2018 Leah Bradley, Creative Reuse Artist

Leah Bradley - November 2018
Creative Reuse Artist

Leah Bradley manages the Creative Reuse Center and teaches classes in the art of upcycling at the Oldham County Schools Arts Center, where she served as artist-in-residence in 2015. Leah serves on the communications team for Kentucky PTA as chair of the special education committee for District 13 PTA, and on the Executive Committee for the Oldham County Democrats. You can learn more about Leah and her work at

Leah will teach COLLIDER participants about upcycling, the act of using found objects to create art.

December 2018 Ron Whitehead, Poet and Writer

Ron Whitehead - December 2018
Poet and Writer

Ron Whitehead is a poet, writer, editor, publisher, organizer, scholar, and professor who grew up on a farm in Kentucky and attended UofL and Oxford University. He is the recipient of numerous state, national, and international awards and prizes including The All Kentucky Poetry Prize, The Yeats Club of Oxford’s Prize for Poetry, and many others. In 2006 Dr. John Rocco (NYC) nominated Ron for The Nobel Prize in Literature. Ron’s work has been exhibited all over the United States and around the world.

Ron will lead youth and adult writing workshops in the COLLIDER space this December.



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