COLLIDER artist-in-residence program

COLLIDER, the South Central Regional Library’s paid artist-in-residence program, connects the public with art and the people who create it.

The most recent artist application deadline was October 1, 2021 for the January-June 2022 residency positions. The artists will be announced here once selections are made. The next call for applications will be in 2022.

Generous funding from Councilwoman Madonna Flood makes the COLLIDER Artist-In-Residence program possible.

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The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Nedra McNeil as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

Nedra McNeil, Electronic Artist

Nedra (they/them) is a queer electronic artist. They make interactive sculptures, synthesizers, novelty electric vehicles, wearables, and light installations. Their work has been displayed in Revelry gallery on Market, KMAC, and other galleries around Louisville. Nedra's work focuses on themes of sustainability and self-making, though repurposing of abandoned materials. They have never had formal training on the arts or electronics, instead learning from others in community settings like at LVL1 Hackerspace, where they now regularly teach others as young as 5 and and old as 80 how to solder.

Meet Nedra McNeil, Electronic Artist

Electricity is Magic - the Tools of Electronic Art with Nedra McNeil

Making Custom Halloween Decorations
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM

Join COLLIDER artist-in-residence, Nedra McNeil, for this virtual workshop. Participants will learn how to use a soldering iron and hot-glue gun to assemble simple electronics circuits and how to use them to incorporate light into homemade Halloween decorations.

Registration is required. Please email Participants will receive the class link and recommended supply list when they sign up.


The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Claire Krueger as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

Claire Krueger
Artist & Educator

Claire Krüeger is inspired by analog experiments, love of camp, and melancholic humor. Her work takes the form of videos, photographs, illustration, and zines and she is passionate about community arts, printed matter, and accessible media. She received an MFA in Photography & Film from VCU in 2013

Zines! A Crash Course in Experimental Self-Publishing
Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 6PM - 7:30PM

Join COLLIDER artist-in-residence, Claire Krüeger, for this virtual zoom workshop. Zines are self-published booklets aimed at inclusivity, unregulated self-expression, and connection over shared ideas. They are easy to make, easy to trade, and are also a great place to experiment with ideas—they are low-pressure enough that it does not hurt to try and fail or follow a tangent somewhere new.

Anyone can make a zine about anything; art, writing, photography, how-to and more. Learn about the history of self-published media and how to make your own. We will talk about various techniques and topics will include content, formatting, and design.

Registration is required. Please email Participants will receive the class link and recommended supply list when they sign up. Ages 9+


The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Morgan McGill as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

Morgan McGill, Mixed Media Artist

Morgan McGill graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from the University of Louisville in 2018. She focuses on exploring various painting techniques involving the theme of hands to convey community. After studying painting in Spain, she was commissioned to paint a mural on the Jefferson Community and Technical College campus, install drawings with Kentucky Refugee Ministries around Louisville to promote art collaboration with refugees, and create a mural at Churchill Downs for Downs After Dark. She is currently working on a grant project with the Kentucky Foundation for Women, using feminism to motivate her paintings, and she will be traveling to California in the fall to participate in an artist residency at there.

Meet Morgan McGill, September COLLIDER Artist

What is Color Theory?

Working with Handmade Paper with Morgan McGill

The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Merlin T. Lee as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

Merlin T. Lee, Interdisciplinary Artist

Merlin T. Lee is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist and designer currently based in Louisville, Kentucky. Merlin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University where he focused on Digital Art and Art History. He has shown work in numerous local, national, and international exhibitions, presented at several regional conferences, and received multiple grants and fellowships to produce work. Inspired by his times in limbo, Merlin’s work focuses on uncertainty, liminality, and existence. Through this work he works through the times while creating a sense of solidarity with others in a place of limbo.

Meet Merlin T. Lee, August COLLIDER Artist

Tools to Make Glitch Art

Glitch Art: the Basics

The Beauty of Breaking Things: Glitch Art
Thursday, August 26, 6:00-7:30pm

Do you like the glitch effect photos you see on Instagram and other social platforms? Join COLLIDER artist-in-residence Merlin T. Lee for this Zoom workshop to learn how to make your own. Making glitch art is even easier than using pre-made filters, and can yield you even better results! Attend this class to see how you can make glitch art using only free and easy to use computer software.

Registration is required. Please email Participants will receive the class link and recommended supply list when they sign up. Ages 16+.

The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Norman Spencer as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

Norman Spencer, Printmaker

A Louisville native, Norman Spencer is known for his printmaking. His work focuses on themes such as identity, community, and the human relationship to our surroundings. His artwork is in private collections around the country.


Meet Norman Spencer, Printmaker

Tools & Tips for Making Linocut Prints

Make a Lino Block with Norman Spencer

The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Martin Edlin as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

June 2021 -
Martin Edlin, Clay/sculpture artist

Martin Edlin is an artist who works in several disciplines of traditional art media. His artwork is technically rigorous yet highly imaginative, giving shape and form to emotions and ideas in sculpture, pottery, paintings, and drawings. He studied art at the University of Louisville under renowned potter Tom Marsh and earned a Master’s degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago under sculptor and art therapy pioneer Don Seiden. His artwork has been exhibited publicly since 1984.

Martin teaches workshops for many schools and community programs with people of all ages and has been directing a community art education center for many years. He worked as a stained glass craftsman for glass artists Peter Eichhorn and Bob Markert while in high school and college and has practiced art therapy in a multitude of settings.

Meet Martin Edlin, June COLLIDER Artist

Introduction to Glazing with Martin Edlin

Clay Techniques with Marty Edlin

The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Maizie Clarke as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

May 2021 -
Maizie Clarke, Illustrator

Maizie Clarke is an illustrator and designer based in Louisville, Kentucky. She owns Maizie Clarke LLC which specializes in wholesale home goods featuring her original illustrations. Working primarily with museums and corporations - Maizie’s illustrations feature the built environment and she loves sharing her knowledge of drawing with all ages. Maizie earned her BA in Interior Design and her MA in Exhibition Design.

Meet Maizie Clark, May's COLLIDER Artist

Tips & Tools for Drawing with Maizie Clarke

1-Point Perspective Drawing with Maizie Clarke

The COLLIDER welcomes Artist-in-Residence Tim Robertson as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

April 2021 -
Tim Robertson, Alternative printmaker/Photographer

Tim Robertson has spent much of his adult life moving and living in places that are new to him--places where the culture is different from the one in which he was raised (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Northern Indiana and now Louisville). Observing these contexts and the ways in which people live and connect in them forms the main current of inspiration for Tim's work. Much of his work comes about as a result of interaction and collaboration with others.

The process of creating images is an important part of Tim's work. Photography helps him explore and understand the world around us and alternative printmaking gives him a way to process and respond to what he finds. He often experiments with different photographic formats and printing techniques and materials, such as pigment transfers and risograph prints.

Meet Tim Robertson, April COLLIDER Artist

Tim Robertson's Influences

Pigment Transfer Prep

The COLLIDER welcome Artist-in-Residence Randy Gray as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

March 2021 -
Randy Gray, Cartoon artist

Randy Gray II began his career at a young age copying the cartoons he would see on tv and in the newspaper. He is a graduate of duPont Manual High School's Visual Art program and the University of Kentucky. His work includes My Quest for Cool and Lil Dude, while his comic book Lil Dude and Rooney Explore Black History was put into circulation at the JCPS library. Randy has extensive experience leading cartooning comic book creation workshops for summer camps and schools. He draws every day, illustrating children's books and creating caricatures.

Meet Randy Gray, COLLIDER Artist

Leveling Up Your Drawing with Randy Gray

Randy Gray Talks Style!

The COLLIDER welcomes back Artist-in-Residence Joan Brannon as a 2021 virtual COLLIDER artist

February 2021 -
Joan Brannon, Percussionist

Joan Brannon is a Percussionist, Teacher and Drum Circle Facilitator based in Louisville, Ky. Joan respects the drum as a sacred instrument that utilizes rhythms for ritual, celebration and as a tool for strengthening community. She performs and teaches throughout the US and studied in Guinea, West Africa. Joan is a teaching artist with Kentucky Center’s ArtsReach and the Kentucky Arts Council.

Joan facilitates dynamic rhythm experiences for organizations, community groups and in schools. She founded the group Sisters of the Sacred Drum, who perform rhythms of West Africa and original compositions. Joan has performed live and recorded with Sabari Bengoma, American Spiritual Ensemble, Sistah La La and a host of other artists.

Meet Joan Brannon, COLLIDER Artist

Djembe Lesson with Joan Brannon

Make a percussion instrument at home with Joan Brannon

The COLLIDER welcomes back 2019 Artist-in-Residence Liz Richter to be 2021’s first virtual COLLIDER artist

January 2021 -
Liz Richter - Visual Artist

The COLLIDER welcomes back 2019 Artist-in-Residence Liz Richter to be 2021’s first virtual COLLIDER artist. Liz is a muralist, visual artist, and illustrator living and working in Louisville, KY. Born in Paducah, and raised in rural Southeast Missouri, Richter moved back to Kentucky in 2009 and taught art for over six years before pursuing opportunities as a freelance artist. Richter is primarily focused on painting and drawing, but also explores wearable art, printmaking and other mixed media. Look for several art tutorial videos from Liz coming soon to this page, then be sure to join us for her Zoom class on January 28.

Meet Liz Richter, COLLIDER Artist - a muralist, visual artist, and illustrator living and working in Louisville, KY

Liz Richter talks about her Smoketown murals and public art

Dyeing noodles with COLLIDER artist Liz Richter

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