COLLIDER artist-in-residence program

COLLIDER, the South Central Regional Library’s artist-in-residence program, connects the public with art and the people who create it. Special studio space within the Library allows artists to create on-site. Patrons are encouraged to drop in, interact, and learn about different artistic processes, and participate in special workshops for the public.

The next round of artist applications (for January-June 2021 residencies) will open in September 2020.

Generous funding from Councilwoman Madonna Flood makes the COLLIDER Artist-In-Residence program possible.


JMay - Rachid Tagoulla, Portrait Photographer

MAY 2020
Rachid Tagoulla - Portrait Photographer

Rachid Tagoulla is a Master’s student of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography at the University of Louisville where he also teaches introductory courses in Studio Art and Art History. With his supervisor Mary Carothers, he co-organizes a study abroad program for American students in Morocco. In June 2020, they will bring 10 UofL Hite Art Institute students to Morocco for a three-week artist residency. He has been featured in many galleries such as the 1619 flux art + activism, MFA gallery, Cressman Center, Louisville, KY, and has curated collaborative shows, which feature photographs of Morocco taken by Hite art students and Moroccan artists.

From August 2017 to May 2018, Rachid taught Arabic and was an ambassador of Moroccan culture as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Louisville. Before coming to the United States, Rachid taught English in Morocco for 9 years. Rachid was also treasurer of Club Photo d'Agadir, a group of professional photographers in Agadir, Morocco.

Rachid's work has won many international awards and his photography has taken him all around the world. He hopes to continue to build bridges between Morocco and other countries through his involvement in the arts. He is currently developing a Sister Cities partnership between the University of Louisville and the University of Ibn Zohr in his hometown of Agadir, Morocco.


June - Martin Edlin, Clay/Sculpture artist

JUNE 2020
Martin Edlin - Clay/Sculpture artist

Martin Edlin is an artist who works in several disciplines of traditional art media. His artwork is technically rigorous yet highly imaginative, giving shape and form to emotions and ideas in sculpture, pottery, paintings, and drawings. He studied art at the University of Louisville under renowned potter Tom Marsh and earned a Master’s degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago under sculptor and art therapy pioneer Don Seiden. His artwork has been exhibited publicly since 1984.

He teaches workshops for many schools and community programs with people of all ages and has been directing a community art education center for many years. He worked as a stained glass craftsman for glass artists Peter Eichhorn and Bob Markert while in high school and college and has practiced art therapy in a multitude of settings.


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