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Borrowing Materials

Circulation Policies

A maximum of 50 items may be checked out per patron. Items may be returned to any Louisville Free Public Library location.

LFPL does not charge overdue fees, but you are responsible for returning items on time and replacement fees for lost or damaged items still apply. Fees totaling $10 or more may prevent use of some library services.

You can pay your fees online or in person at any location.

Overdue notices by email or by phone to patrons are provided as a courtesy of the Library. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt a patron from the replacement cost of materials that are lost or damaged. Any lost or damaged items will be the responsibility of the borrower (see Lost Item Policy below).


  • Checkout period: 21 days for general collection items, 7 days for 7-day bestsellers.
  • Reserves:  Books in the general collection may be reserved.  7 day copies of bestsellers may not be reserved.
  • Renewals: Books in the general collection may be renewed three times as long as there are no outstanding reserve requests on the item.  7-day bestsellers may not be renewed.


  • Checkout period: 7 days.
  • DVDs/Blu-Rays Limits: 20 per patron
  • Reserves: DVDs/Blu-Rays may be reserved.
  • Renewals: DVDs/Blu-Rays may be renewed three times as long as there are no outstanding reserve requests on the item.
  • Charge for missing DVD/video case: $2.00.
  • Charge for one missing DVD/video in a multiple DVD/Video set: $10.00.
  • Charge for one missing DVD/video in a kit: $10.00.
  • Charge for DVD liner notes: $1.00.

Music CDs

  • Checkout period: 7 days.
  • Music CD Limits:  20 per patron
  • Renewals: CDs may be renewed three times as long as there are no outstanding reserve requests on the item.
  • Charge for one missing CD in a multiple Music CD set: $10.00.
  • CDs can be renewed if there are no holds on them.


  • All Library locations have playaways and Books-on-CD.
  • Checkout period: 21 days.
  • Playaway Limits:  up to 20 per patron.
  • Audiobook limits: up to 50 per patron.
  • Charge for one missing CD in a multiple Audio CD set: $10.00
  • Reserves: Audiobooks may be reserved.
  • Renewals: Audiobooks may be renewed three times as long as there are no outstanding reserve requests on the item.


  • Checkout period: 14 days.
  • eBook Limit: 5 eBooks.
  • eBooks are returned automatically at the end of their checkout period.
  • eBooks can be renewed if there are no holds on them.

Board Games

  • Presently, board games are available for check out at the Main Library's Children's Department, Highlands-Shelby Park and South Central only and must be returned to the original branch as well.
  • Checkout period: 7 days.
  • Limit: 2 per card
  • Renewals: No renewals


  • Telescopes are available for check out at our Main, Northeast, South Central and Southwest libraries.
  • Checkout period: 7 days.
  • Renewals: No renewals


  • Laptops are available for in-house checkout at Iroquois, Main, Northeast, Shawnee, South Central and St. Matthews.
  • Conditions for Borrowing and Use:
    • Only patrons ages 18 and over may check out a laptop.
    • Borrowers must present a valid Louisville Free Public Library card at the time of check out.
    • Borrowers must be in good standing with the Library. Good standing includes, but is not limited to, having a current address, phone number and email address on file and having no outstanding fees of $10 or more.
    • A borrower must be able to read, understand and agree to the lending policy. Borrowers using a device-dispensing kiosk are required to agree electronically at the time of check out. Electronic agreements are stored in the kiosk.
    • Borrowers using a device-dispensing kiosk must agree to have their picture taken by the kiosk, which is temporarily stored within the kiosk for security purposes.
    • Laptop must be returned to the charging station where it was checked out. It may not be returned in book drops or taken outside the library building for any reason.
    • No holds may be placed on a laptop.
    • Borrower may only check out one laptop at any time. Upon the expiration of the four-hour period, the borrower must return the laptop to the kiosk. If more time is desired, a different laptop may be checked out, if there is one available. Time cannot be extended beyond the original four-hour checkout period for any reason.
  • Checkout Period: Four-hours period for use inside the library ONLY. All devices checked out within four hours of closing must be returned to the kiosk 15 minutes prior to close. While we expect that, under normal usage, the laptop battery will last the full four hours, it is possible that the laptop battery will be drained before the allotted time expires.
  • Replacement Costs: The full replacement cost of $1,077 will be billed to your patron account if the laptop is still checked out at the close of business. Any damage to the laptop will be assessed on a per-case basis. Bill for loss or total replacement cost: $1,077

Check Your Library Account or Renew Items

By Phone

Call the automated renewal line: 574-1732

  • Press 1 to Login and Renew Items
  • Enter your library card number and press #
  • Enter your password and press #
  • Press 2 to hear a list of all items out and an option to renew
  • Press 5 while the title is being read to renew the item

Via the Web

It is now possible to check your library account online.  From your account you can do the following:

  • See a list of items checked out on your card.
  • Renew items.
  • See a list of items on request or being held.
  • Suspend or cancel hold requests.
  • Submit updates to your contact information.

To access your library account online follow these instructions

  1. First you will need the number from your LFPL library card (the 13 digits below the barcode).
  2. Then you will need your account password.  If you do not remember your password, go to "What Is My Password."  
  3. Finally click on "My Account" from any page of our Web site and enter your barcode number and password and click on the login button. 

Placing Item Requests

You may place requests online for Library items using our Web catalog. Follow the instructions below, then use the link below to go to the Web catalog. 

You will need the number from your LFPL library card (the 13 digits below the barcode) and your password. (what’s my password?) Enter these numbers in the appropriate boxes on the login screen and click the login button. 

To Place a Request

  1. From any page on the library's Web site, click on the "Library Catalog" button.
  2. Search the catalog to find the item/s you want to reserve.
  3. On each item listing in the catalog there should be a link that says "Place Request." Click the "Place Request" link. You’ll be taken to a log-in screen. Log in using your  library barcode number and password.
  4. Specify which branch you want to have the item transferred to for you to pick up and submit your request.
  5. Once the request has been submitted, it should show up on the "My Account" page whenever you log in with your card number and password.  You can go there to check the status of your request.

For more information on Placing & Managing Requests.

What is My Password?

If you already know your password, you can change it by logging into My Account and clicking Change Password.  You can include letters and numbers in your password (A-Z, a-z, 0-9).  It can be up to 16 characters long, with a minimum of 4 characters.

To obtain or change your password, visit one of our library locations and present a current picture I.D. If you need help, call Just Ask at 574-1611.

Return Policy

Items may be returned to any location of the Louisville Free Public Library regardless of where they were checked out. Items can be returned via book drops located on the exterior of the building or by bringing them in to the Check-out counter. If an exterior Book Drop is full or locked, please DO NOT place the item(s) on or around the exterior of the Book Drop.

Lost Item Policy

Borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of library materials that are lost or not returned.  If the borrower finds the item within six months of the actual date of payment, then the Library will refund the payment minus any outstanding balance on the borrower’s account, assuming the item is in good condition. The Library does not accept replacement copies of the actual item in lieu of payment.

Lost book discussion kit books are $15.00 each.

Donation Policy

The Library receives gently-used or new donated materials on behalf of the Friends of the Louisville Free Public Library. The Friends of the Library then allows the Library to select any items it needs to add to the collections at the Main and branch libraries. Materials not selected for the Library’s collection are then sold by the Friends at public sales.

Proceeds from the sale of donated materials support special Library activities including the Read With Me reading program for preschoolers, parents and caregivers and scholarships for library employees.

To join the Friends of the Library, call (502) 574-1648 or ask for membership information at any library.

You can drop donations off at any of our locations. If you would like a tax deduction slip, just ask one of the staff and they can assist you.  

We accept the following donations:

  • Adult and Children's non-fiction books published within the last 5  years
  • Unabridged audio books on CD or digital Playaway
  • Current adult fiction books
  • Current paperback books
  • New and classic children's fiction books
  • Music CDs
  • Blu-Rays or DVDs

All materials must be in good condition.

What we cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Textbooks
  • Magazines of any kind
  • Audio books on cassette tape
  • VHS tapes

Questions? Call Just Ask at (502) 574-1611.

Internet Policy

LFPL provides free access to the internet on computer workstations and Wi-Fi at every Library location. We offer this service to advance the Library’s mission to provide residents of Jefferson County with equitable access to information and to support them in their pursuit of knowledge.

The Library uses a filter to limit access to sites containing sexually explicit materials. The Library does not screen content for language, points of view, or ideas. Users are encouraged to notify Library staff of sites that may have been unnecessarily blocked, and of sites which a user believes meet the filtering criteria.

The Library does not guarantee the availability, accuracy, or reliability of content for internet sites other than those directly maintained by the Louisville Free Public Library.


Policy Statement

There are uses of the Library’s computers that are considered unacceptable and constitute a violation of this policy. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Attempts at unauthorized access to the library computer system or any other computer system.
  • Damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software, interfering with systems operations, integrity, or security.
  • Viewing sites containing sexually explicit materials.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to another person’s files.
  • Sending harassing messages to other computer users.
  • Impersonating another computer user.
  • Adults soliciting meetings with or personal information from minors under age 17; or providing such information or agreeing to such meetings without parental consent by those under age 17.
  • Providing personal or private information about others via electronic communications or to internet sites.
  • Altering or attempting to alter the Library’s computer settings.
  • Violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements.
  • Using the computer for illegal activities.
  • A user violates this policy by their own action, or by permitting another to use their account to access the computer network or the internet. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the forfeiture of the user’s right to access these computers.

Guidelines for using Library computers and the Internet

The Library is pleased to offer computer-based services for our patrons. The demand for use of the computer workstations may exceed the available supply. To promote fair and equitable access for all users, the Library may establish time limits and sign-up sheets for workstations. Users may be asked to limit their computer sessions when others are waiting to use a workstation.

  • Printing is available from Library computers for a fee. If you have questions or need assistance, please ask Library staff for help.
  • Staff will provide limited instructional assistance for all users. Users needing additional training are encouraged to sign up for basic Internet classes offered at all Library locations.
  • Specialized instruction is also available by appointment at many Library branches. Call (502) 574-1611 for information.

Children and the Internet

As with all Library resources, the Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and guardians, not Library staff, to determine and monitor their minor children’s use of the Internet. (Minors are defined in this policy as children and young people under the age of 17 years.) Parents are responsible for their minor children’s use of the Library’s resources and facilities. Parents who believe that their children cannot responsibly use the Library’s Internet access are requested to monitor their children’s Internet use.

These safety tips are for all ages:

  • Do not give out any information such as your address or telephone number.
  • Never agree to meet face-to-face with someone you “met” online without first checking with a parent or caregiver.
  • Never respond to messages that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Remember that people online may not be who they seem. It is easy for some one to misrepresent themselves because you cannot hear or see the person.
  • Remember that everything you read online may not be true.

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality of Library Records

The Louisville Free Public Library is committed to the protection of personal privacy by keeping information confidential that identifies library users and their use of library books, materials, facilities, services, and assistance from staff.


Most information related to patrons is kept for the purposes of circulating materials and ensuring that responsibility is attributed to the correct person when an item is borrowed.  This information is not publicly available and, beyond interactions between the library and the patron, will be shared only with third-party vendors with whom the library has contracted services necessary for conducting business and with law enforcement personnel upon valid, legal request. Third party vendors with whom the library shares patron information are required by KRS 61.932 to provide their own security measures to protect any personal information.  Where possible, the library has informed each entity in writing that appropriate security and breach notification is required. 

Under this policy, a library user’s personal information and borrower record shall not be made available to any agency or anyone other than the individual who is the subject of the record or information, except as follows:

Library Duties: Staff of the Louisville Free Public Library must act within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library account system and in facilitating patron requests for services at the library.

Patron Permission: Patrons may authorize another person permission to pick up holds or pay fees, approval of which is noted by staff on the patron’s account record. Allowing another person possession of a library card also indicates approval for check out or fine payments.

Lawful Requests: The library acts in accordance with a search warrant or court order when authorized by the Library Director to federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal or investigative discovery procedure. The library cooperates with the authorities in resolving crimes committed against the library or on library property. Louisville Free Public Library acts to limit the amount of personally identifiable information that it retains.  Some information, however, is necessarily and understandably retained for the transaction of day-to-day business.

Children and Teens: We believe that library account information of children and teens should be private and secure. Parents, guardians or custodians may request account information pertaining to children birth to 17 years old. Information will be disclosed to a parent or guardian who has their child’s library card or the child present. Staff may request proof of guardianship. If the child or library card is not present and guardianship cannot be verified, library staff will mail requested information to the address on the child’s library account.

To help us safeguard the confidentiality of your library account information, please keep your library card in a secure place at all times. If your card is lost or stolen, notify the loss immediately to any location of the Louisville Free Public Library.  Patrons should update their account if they move, change phone numbers, or change email addresses, to ensure library correspondence is directed to the correct person.

The Louisville Free Public Library will comply with best practices established by the Department for Local Government (as required in KRS 61.932). This policy was adopted by the Louisville Free Public Library Commission on November 17, 2015 and follows the opinion of the Attorney General of Kentucky (OAG 81-159, April 21, 1981) and the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association

Open Records Policy

The Louisville Free Public Library is a department of the Louisville Metro Government and covered by Metro's Open Records Policy. Please visit Governance of the Louisville Free Public Library for more information.

Rules of Behavior

All library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for others visiting or working at the library. Behavior which prevents others from using the library or which endangers people or property is strictly prohibited.

The library is supported by the taxes of the people of Louisville Metro who expect each of our facilities to be clean, comfortable, and safe places for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, and attending programs and meetings. To this end, the library is responsible for establishing rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of library patrons, volunteers and staff, and for preserving and protecting the library’s materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds. In addition, the library has a strong commitment to intellectual freedom and to freedom of access to information.

Enforcement of all rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff or library security will intervene to stop prohibited activities and behaviors. Failure to comply with the library’s established rules, regulations, and policies could result in removal from the premises and exclusion from the library for a period of one day to one year, or in arrest or prosecution. Violations could also result in the restriction or termination of library privileges, including the use of library computers and other equipment.

Individual patrons have the right to request an administrative review of an exclusion order or the denial of any library privileges.

For the comfort and safety of patrons, volunteers, and staff, and the protection of library property, the following actions are examples of conduct not allowed on library property:

  • Engaging in any activity in violation of federal, state, local or other applicable law, or library policy;
  • Failing to comply with a reasonable request from library staff or security personnel;
  • Carrying concealed firearms or dangerous weapons of any kind (except otherwise indicated by state law);
  • Selling, using, possessing, or being under the influence of illegal drugs;
  • Being impaired due to alcohol consumption;
  • Consuming or possessing alcohol in public areas of the library except as authorized by the library director;
  • Verbally or physically harassing or threatening another person, including making suggestive comments or yelling; or threatening violence against another person, including stalking, staring, lurking, gesturing, offensive touching or any sexual harassment; or obscene acts such as sex acts or indecent exposure;
  • Violating the library’s rules for acceptable use of the Internet and public computers which are posted on the sign-in screen of every public computer;
  • Soliciting or conducting surveys not authorized by the library;
  • Stealing, damaging, altering, or inappropriate use of library property in library facilities or on library grounds, including computer hardware and software;
  • Occupying study spaces for non-library purposes to the exclusion of other library users; conducting business in library facilities or on library grounds in such a way as to imply Library endorsement;
  • Trespassing in nonpublic areas, being in the library without permission of an authorized library employee before or after library operating hours, or camping on library grounds;
  • Fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing anything;
  • Creating disruptive noises such as loud talking, screaming, yelling, or banging on computer keyboards;
  • Gambling or other group activities which are disruptive to the library environment;
  • Using any personal audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume that disturbs others, including any use of cell phones, pagers, and other communication and musical devices in a manner that disturbs others. Audible cell phone and pager ringers must be turned off;
  • Using library facilities for personal grooming, bathing, shaving or shampooing, doing laundry, or changing clothes;
  • Littering;
  • Smoking, chewing, rolling cigarettes, and other tobacco use, or the use of electronic cigarettes on library property except in designated areas;
  • Entering or being in the library barefoot, without a shirt, with offensive body odor or personal hygiene, or being otherwise attired so as to be disruptive to the library environment;
  • Bringing in articles that measure more than 14” W x 17”H x 20”D;
  • Consuming food or beverages in public areas of the library except as authorized by the library director;
  • Leaving packages, backpacks, luggage, or any other personal items unattended. These unattended items are subject to immediate confiscation;
  • Using wheeled devices in library property or on library grounds, except in designated areas, including use of skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, motorized or non-motorized scooters, and shopping carts (except for motorized ADA assistive devices, wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers);
  • Lying down or sleeping in the restrooms, or on any floor, or couch, table or seat in the library or on library grounds; or loitering or blocking aisles, exits or entrances;
  • Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children or any adult requiring supervision;
  • Bringing pets or animals, other than service animals necessary for disabilities, into the library, except as authorized by the library director;
  • Or any other behavior which prevents others from using the library or which endangers people or property.

These Rules of Behavior were adopted by the Louisville Free Public Library Commission on January 17, 2017.

Rules of Behavior PDF