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Universe of Stories - Board books

Title: My Very First Space Book
Author: Emily Bone
Title: Tell Me About Space
Author: Lisa Varchol Perron
Title: My First Book Of Space
Author: Erin Macdonald
Title: My First Space Words In English & Spanish
Author: Zaida Hernández
Title: Baby's First Zodiac
Author: Kerry Pieri
Title: When Stars Arise
Author: Evangelene Alaraj
Title: Space
Author: Emmy Kastner
Title: Ask An Astronaut
Author: Rosie Pajaro
Title: Future Astronaut
Author: Lori Alexander

Universe of Stories – Pre-K

Title: Hush, Little Rocket
Author: Mo O'Hara
Title: Connecting The Stars
Author: Deborah Stevenson
Title: Blanket Where Violet Sits
Author: Allan Wolf
Title: Way To The Stars
Author: David Almond
Title: Child Of Galaxies
Author: Blake Nuto
Title: Only Astronaut
Author: Mahak Jain
Title: Bloop
Author: Tara Lazar
Title: One Giant Leap
Author: Thao Lam
Title: Wish
Author: Luna Chi
Title: How Do You Become Friends With The Moon?
Author: Ghazalah Baygdilu

Universe of Stories – Picture Books

Title: Fluffy And The Stars
Author: T'áncháy Redvers
Title: Little Black Hole
Author: Molly Webster
Title: Pizza With Everything On It
Author: Kyle Scheele
Title: Alone
Author: Scott Stuart
Title: Ada And The Galaxies
Author: Alan P. Lightman
Title: Celestina The Astronaut Ballerina
Author: Donald Jacobsen
Title: Margot And The Moon Landing
Author: A. C. Fitzpatrick
Title: Thing To Remember About Stargazing
Author: Matt Forrest Esenwine
Title: Astronaut Training
Author: Aneta Cruz

Universe of Stories - Easy Readers

Title: Space Mission!
Author: Courtney Carbone
Title: Young Jedi
Author: Emeli Juhlin
Title: Bug Trouble!
Author: Steve Behling
Title: Jack Blasts Off!
Author: Mac Barnett
Title: Spacebusters Race To The Moon
Author: Philip Wilkinson
Title: Yasmin The Astronaut
Author: Saadia Faruqi
Title: Stars And Galaxies
Author: James Buckley
Title: Sabrina Sue Loves The Moon
Author: Priscilla Burris

Universe of Stories - Chapter Books

Title: Rover's Story
Author: Jasmine Warga
Title: Last Cuentista
Author: Donna Barba Higuera
Title: Lion Of Mars
Author: Jennifer L. Holm
Title: New Kid
Author: A. I. Newton
Title: Blast Off!
Author: Andrea J. Loney
Title: Area 51 Files
Author: Julie Buxbaum
Title: Escape From Valo
Author: Daniel José Older
Title: Children Of Stardust
Author: Edudzi Adodo
Title: Galaxy Jones And The Space Pirates
Author: Briana McDonald

Universe of Stories – Kid's Nonfiction

Title: Universe And You
Author: Suzanne Slade
Title: Dr. Maggie'S Grand Tour Of The Solar System
Author: Maggie Aderin Pocock
Title: Cosmic Wonder : Halley'S Comet And Humankind
Author: Ashley Benham Yazdani
Title: Leland Melvin
Author: J. P. Miller
Title: Goodnight, Astronaut
Author: Scott Kelly
Title: Dr. Mae Jemison : Brave Rocketeer
Author: Heather Alexander
Title: Astronautas
Author: Chang Hoon Jung

Universe of Stories - Graphic Novels

Title: Cosmic Cadets. 1, Contact!
Author: Ben Crane
Title: Glork Patrol. On The Bad Planet
Author: James Kochalka
Title: Mr. Corbett Is In Orbit!
Author: Dan Gutman
Title: Grace Needs Space!
Author: Benjamin A. Wilgus
Title: Cosmic Adventures Of Astrid And Stella. 1
Author: Sabrina Moyle
Title: Rover And Speck. 1 : This Planet Rocks!
Author: Jonathan Roth
Title: Jurassic Jeff. 1, Space Invader
Author: Royden Lepp
Title: First Cat In Space Ate Pizza
Author: Mac Barnett
Title: Absolute Zeros. Camp Launchpad
Author: Greg Smith

Pride 2024

Title: Marley's Pride
Author: Joëlle Retener
Title: Grandad's Pride
Author: Harry Woodgate
Title: Rainbowsaurus
Author: Steve Antony
Title: Like A Hurricane
Author: Jonathan Bécotte
Title: Molly's Tuxedo
Author: Vicki Johnson
Title: Problem With Gravity
Author: Michelle Mohrweis
Title: Not He Or She, I'M Me
Author: A. M. Wild
Title: Sylvia Rivera
Author: Claudia Romo Edelman
Title: Best Liars In Riverview
Author: Lin Thompson
Title: Dad And Daddy's Big Big Family
Author: Seamus Kirst
Title: David Hockney
Author: Ma Isabel Sánchez Vegara
Title: Just Shy Of Ordinary
Author: A. J. Sass
Title: Lonely Book
Author: Meg Grehan
Title: Cinda Meets Ella : A Fairly Queer Tale
Author: Wallace West
Title: Elle Campbell Wins Their Weekend
Author: Ben Kahn