Once upon an Orchestra

Once upon an Orchestra at the Louisville Free Public Library

Families are invited to join Louisville Orchestra ensembles for a fun, interactive storytelling through music performance.

Participants of all ages will enjoy a 60-minute program that weaves together storytelling adventures with creative music making.

We’ll even show you how to make instruments from recycled materials and you will get to take home your very own instrument!

Performance Descriptions

Where the Wild Things Are: In Music and Color

Join along with a musical telling of the famous children’s story of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Audience members will be asked to draw along with the story, letting the music inspire their own setting of the story. (2 musicians)

The Storytelling Adventure

Music captures many feelings and moods. Using classical themes and variations the audience will create a story with Louisville Orchestra musicians inspired by how the music makes you feel. Characters come to life when pairing music with collaborative, interactive storytelling. (2 musicians)

Musical Friends from Around the World

Sharing music and stories from different cultures musicians share personal stories related to where they are from – Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Holland! (3 musicians)

Peter and the Wolf

Meet instruments from the woodwind family and hear the classic story of Peter and the Wolf. The audience will help play the characters from the story of this condensed version of the tale. (5 musicians)

Michael Finney and the Magic Songbook

Join a string quartet in an original story adventure with fairies and elves as they try to outsmart an evil dragon and save the day with a magic songbook. The audience will learn about melody and rhythm to help tell the magical story. (4 musicians)

Trip to the Musical Zoo

A string quintet takes you on a musical journey through a zoo with the famous Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens. The audience will not only enjoy the journey but have fun acting like the animals too! (5 musicians)


Last Updated: 04/27/22